Death to spammers

I noticed something recently. My old-design Web site was live and running, sadly neglected and forgotten by me for nearly three years. All that time I received occasional emails generated by the site, along with scads of junk mail despite my best efforts to be careful. Since I took down the site and began developing what you see here, the spam has slowed to a trickle…

I think it’s because my old email links have all been taken offline, and a Web site might contribute to how much junk mail you receive if you include an email address on your pages. We all know that spam lists are generated by spam-crawlers and spam-bots, computers and/or programs whose sole purpose is to constantly scour the Web in search of email addresses to add to their lists. So no email link for B2…yet.

I’m in the process of finishing a JavaScript-based email link and form system for the site and will load it in as soon as it’s completed. If you maintain your own site, there are literally hundreds of Web resources to assist you in fighting this spam, and nearly all of them offer clearly-presented explanations as well as script solutions for free.

Even if you don’t have a Web site, be very careful about where you throw your email around, and be careful when you accept any.