B2’s Leftist, Conservative, & Alternative News Sources:

AP — Associated Press Raw Feed. Uber Leftist, real-time feed, useful but beware propaganda.

BadBlue — Conservative, real-time news service.

BBC News — British Broadcasting Corporation. Liberal The best of BBC News on the Web.

BizPac Review — Conservative news, Florida news.

Blaze — Glenn Beck’s hard-hitting conservative news site.

Breitbart — Conservative. Offers real-time access to top news and analysis.

Breitbart News Wires — Conservative. News as it happens.

BuzzFeed — Social News Org. All over the place.

Christian Science Monitor — Liberal. First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, world and US news.

Conservative Daily News — Up-to-the-minute news from citizen journalists.

Conservative News Central — CNC, comprehensive conservative news coverage, home and abroad.

Cybercast News Service — CNS News, comprehensive conservative news coverage, home and abroad.

Conurls — Conservative Blog Aggregator.

C-SPAN — Private, non-profit company created in 1979 by the cable television industry as a public service.

Daily Caller — The place to go for original conservative reporting.

Doug Ross@Journal — Conservative, Larwyn’s Linx is great.

Drudge Report — Matt Drudge’s up-to-the-minute breaking news site, slams lefties and righties. — Liberal. Online source for The Economist, analysis of world business and current affairs.

Financial Times — Mostly apolitical finance, politics, business.

Fox News — Fine cable news channel, alternative to state-controlled media.

Front Page — David Horowitz’s conservative site, reformed uber-radical leftist who escaped the dark side.

Gateway Pundit — Conservative. One person, on top of everything.

Google News — Liberal. Web giant’s online news service, includes international versions.

Hill Buzz — Conservative. Politics and news.

Hot Air — Conservative. Updated headlines, plus latest news stories.

I Hate The Media — Conservative. Selected breaking stories.

Instapundit — Conservative. Glenn Reynolds one of the best known linkers for a decade.

Jewish World Review — Offers current, hard-hitting news commentary along with issues in contemporary Judaism.

Life News — News agency devoted to reporting for the pro-life community.

Lucianne — Mostly conservative. Old reliable, catches stories others miss.

McClatchy News — Moderate truth to power.

Mediaite — Mostly liberal, watch this one.

Memeorandum — Mostly liberal, watch this one.

Military Times — Breaking news, plus issues focused on everything important to service members and their families.

My Way News — World-class news and search by the AP (so beware), full-portal, no banner ads and no pop-ups.

Naked DC — Emily’s conservative news source.

National Post — Canada’s conservative newspaper of record.

NewsBusters — Conservative. Brent Bozell’s brilliant check on truth in media.

Newsmax — Breaking news at home and abroad, multiple services, no banner ads or pop-ups.

New York Post — New York daily with the best headlines and glitz online.

OneNewsNow — American Family News Network (AFN) tells you what newsmakers are saying.

Politico — Raging leftists with breaking news. You have been warned.

Rare — Conservative news, opinion, blogs, and original content.

Real Clear Politics — Proggie and Con. Breaking news, videos, opinion.

Reuters — All the news that’s fit for leftists to print.

Right Scoop — Conservative. Videos, links, and heavily updated.

Right Side News — Conservative. News items, links, and opinion.

Right Wing News — Conservative. Videos, links, and heavily updated.

Scripps News — Keep abreast of the newsmakers.

Shark Tank — Conservative. Florida political news and views.

Sun News — Conservative. Hard-hitting Canadian political news and views.

TCPalm — Liberal. Treasure Coast, FL news, sports, politics.

Talking Points Memo — Raging leftists. You have been warned.

Twitchy — Conservative, Malkin’s new site. Who Said What.

US Department of Defense — official DoD Web site and starting point for finding U.S. military information online.

Wall Street Journal — Dow Jones company, conservative, leader in global business news and services.

Washington Examiner — Usually unbiased reporting and coverage of the world, nation, politics, and society.

Washington Free Beacon — Conservative reporting, coverage of the world, nation, politics, and society.

Washington Times — Hard-hitting, leans right. Investigative reporting and coverage of politics and policy.

Weasel Zippers — Conservative. Not much volume but quality work.

World Front Pages — Newseum displays more than 600 daily newspaper front pages in original, unedited form.

WorldNetDaily — Independent offers hard-hitting investigative reporting of government waste and fraud.

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