Diminished accountability

America’s radical liberals and the policies that they have propagated are nothing less than the repudiation of the constitutional principles upon which the nation was founded. The last three years have illustrated their thus-far successful attempt to alter our form of republican governance while reducing the United States and her people to mediocrity.


di·min·ish [dih-‘min-ish] verb 1. to make or cause to seem smaller, less, less important, etc.; lessen; reduce. 4. to detract from the authority, honor, stature, or reputation of; disparage.

It’s difficult to fathom. In just 32 months we have been force-marched beyond what was a critical but correctable financial crisis to enduring massive dosages of self-doubt and a state of economic deterioration that is high-wiring over the edge of an irrecoverable chasm.

We are nearing desperate straits and are being piloted through shoal-laden waters by our own version of Captain Philip Francis Queeg, rudder damaged and with the proper charts ignored. We are approaching a position reserved by other hard-pressed nations for which we once expressed commiserate concern and freely-provided compassionate aid.

Truth will out

In the recesses of most Americans’ thoughts lies the knowledge that there really is no recovery underway and that the faction in power has been lying to the American people. Every recent poll bears this out. The American people also believe that somehow, some way we will ultimately halt the slide and then begin the slow, arduous process of a real recovery.

I also ascribe to this belief but only if there are presidential and senatorial replacements in 2012. Consider this my personal "hope" and "change" exigency. Yet it remains difficult to carry on while the Obama regime wields its power to drag the nation down. There are more than 12 months before the election and a great deal more harm can still be wrought.

October 2011 is a lengthy stretch from when the initial crisis unfolded, and there should be no earthly reason why the United States is not recovering and the economy is not growing. We are a hard-working and industrious people by nature. We are a nation of risk-takers, entrepreneurs, and inventors. Is there a significant factor behind why these ingrained attributes have not yet been unleashed? There is indeed.

One central focus provides the impetus by which all other ancillary factors draw support. This main element is why our labor force continues to shrink by the hundreds of thousands each month, the rate of economic growth is stagnating at less than one percent, our growing debt and deficit have reached levels never before seen on the planet, the actual unemployment rate is above 19 percent — higher than that for youth and minorities, why vast new domestic oil fields go untouched, pipelines to Canadian oil and gas cannot be built, and why the world’s Saudi Arabia of coal is being forced to eliminate its use.

All of it has been broken or discarded for greed, power, "green" lollypop dreams, and mission-capable, cost-effective alternative energy technology that does not yet exist. The reason? The current administration, a Democrat Senate, and an authoritarian, unregulated bureaucracy far more bloated than that which administered World War Two.

The buck should stop here

The Obama regime, its public-sector allies, and a pliant media are quenching their thirst for socioeconomic central control by first disparaging and then systematically neutralizing America’s ethics, morals, spirituality, institutions, and heritage. Those who do so are the current vanguard of America’s home-grown adversaries who cut their teeth on the radical liberalism of the 1960s. Quite simply, their greatest desire is to eliminate much of what made this nation great; The Founders’ natural rights and protection of individuality directly conflict with the leftist contention that the state is best suited to guide individual potential.

It is past time for the vast majority of Americans who do not share Obama’s vision of a jaundiced, illegitimate America to speak out. It is past time for Americans to squarely place the blame for our declining fortunes where it belongs. Each of us intrinsically knows that this ambivalent, embittered man has vowed to fundamentally change the Constitution and wants the country humbled and punished for what he incoherently sees as an egregious past.

What Obama has either directly caused or employed others to implement is despicable. The emotional angst and economic hardships with which he has saddled millions of American families is deplorable. Yet we will never witness an act of contrition nor hear a mea culpa because he fervently believes the majority of us deserve it. For that segment of the nation which enables him, Obama pilfers from those who produce and then redistributes to those who do not — as well as reward favored cronies.

No more cover

Nothing harmful — nothing — that has thus far been afflicted upon this country was necessary or justified if the nation’s leader truly desired to see us recover. You simply don’t destroy the private sector, render the world’s strongest currency into weakness, or expropriate one eighth of the U.S. economy — the world’s greatest and most advanced health care system — and strangle it under Obamacare rationing. Not if you are truly desirous of healing the nation.

Three years’ worth of hard evidence is simply too much for Americans to any longer provide Obama and his radical cohort cover by giving them the benefit of the doubt. If we ever want to climb out of this abyss and restore America’s greatness, it’s time to hold them accountable.

You can embrace individual freedom and limited federal authority or cradle-to-grave statist central planning. Because statists by definition oppose constitutional limits, there is no capability for both under our Founding principles.

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