Something is wrong with him

After listening to Obama’s speech in Cleveland yesterday, it is a fair bet that many Americans took note of his bitter, partisan, and remarkably out-of-touch jabber. This was not the first time Obama has strayed from reality; His delusional interludes are beginning to raise concerns.


Those of us who can claim no professional study in or experience with the analysis and treatment of psychological aberrations must of course defer to those who can. However, those of us who rely upon the God-given application of common sense and street smarts learned from decades of attendance in the school of hard knocks sense that something is not quite right.

There can be no more denial – not even from his staunchest supporters – because it is there for all who care to see. Barack Obama is a strange, secretive person who routinely displays odd mannerisms. He is rudderless, an enigmatic brooder who just happens to be the President of the United States. That is disconcerting to many Americans who are troubled by his quirky personality attributes. To what degree are they adversely influencing his head-scratching domestic and foreign policies?

A case in contradictions

It is important to remember that the most telling Obama comments in Cleveland yesterday were those that gushed forth when he strayed from his prepared speech.

For example, this off-the-cuff beauty: "We didn’t create the mess we’re in. When I walked in [to the White House], wrapped in a nice bow, was a $1.3 trillion deficit sitting on my door step – a welcoming present." He wanted Americans to know just how brilliant he is, that nothing is his fault, and that the American people are being unfair if they point a finger in his direction. Obama’s disingenuous and derisive traits shone through again when he ludicrously"His mind will not tolerate genuine philosophical differences; He perceives himself as brilliant and infallible." warned that "…if we don’t get a handle on [the long-term deficit] soon, it can endanger our future."

This is worse than a lie – Obama has done so much in 20 months to make our deficit situation much worse than it ever should be. But uttering those words, it seemed as though he actually believed them.

He went on to deride his critics in a viciously mocking tone, "The only reason ‘they’ oppose what we’re doing is politics, pure and simple. Republicans prey on people’s fears and anxieties." His mind will not tolerate genuine philosophical differences; He perceives himself as brilliant and infallible. To disagree in any way is to display ignorance or hatred.

Possibly the best example of Obama’s belief that his brilliance is either misunderstood or too much for the masses to comprehend is this bit of self-pity: "They talk about me like a dog. That’s not in my prepared remarks, it’s just – but it’s true." Here he reverted to street slang to heighten sympathy for himself. What may be the most dangerous thing about having such a personality in a position of vast power is Obama’s unwillingness – or his inability – to admit error. Think on that for a moment.

Just words, or something darker

Who is this man? Looking beyond Obama’s now-transparent sociofascist ideology, Americans are troubled by what has become readily noticeable whenever he is isolated from his professional handlers, a teleprompter, or Blackberry.

Obama overtly and repeatedly exaggerates his achievements, and expects constant praise from those whom he considers to be of lesser stature. He believes himself special, yet does not appear"What is now concerning many Americans is that Obama doesn’t appear to recognize whenever his behavior is inappropriate or his decisions are wrong-headed." to concern himself with the cares or feelings of others. He will instantly mock and express disdain for those he feels are inferior, or who disagree in any way. While aloof and detached from the concerns of others – joblessness, border sovereignty, bowing to foreigners, collapsing retirement accounts, Gulf oil spill, Ground Zero mosque, cite your own example – he becomes petulant and brooding when criticised for the merest of justifiable reasons.

Is Obama suffering from a personality disorder such as narcissism? A physiological condition? Post-traumatic or chemical imbalance? A delusional disorder? Who can say, other than a psychiatrist or psychotherapist? Regardless, all a layperson needs to know is that Obama appears disconnected – he’s dispassionate when enthusiasm is required; bombastic when restraint is called for. What is now concerning many Americans, including this author, is that Obama doesn’t appear to recognize whenever his behavior is inappropriate or his decisions are wrong-headed.

Government gone blind

Despite nation-wide outrage, vast seas of protesters at weekly rallies, and poll numbers below sea level, the Obama regime and Democrat Congress are giddily intoxicated on the belief that everything they have done and are doing is what the American people want. Yet, whenever confronted with the opposite, they insolently refuse to believe the American people are so troubled with the direction in which the country is heading.

Regardless of the affliction that causes his denial, you can almost hear Obama mentally repeating to himself: "What’s the matter with these stupid people? Don’t they know that we know what is best for them?"

The matter, Mr. Obama, is that the initial treatment in curing whatever it is that ails you will be administered on the first Tuesday in November.

biteme.jpg Hype and Chains for 53 more days.


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