Mystery Demagogue

Enigmatic Demagogue

Anyone who thinks that Obama is a clueless do-nothing or a narcissistic empty suit is dangerously mistaken. The statist schemes to which he adheres are well-formulated and have been shrewdly implemented.

It is a stretch to believe in these modern times that Obama simply arose from nowhere, did little of consequence, then suddenly is president. The behind-the-scenes manipulators and money barons who groomed him for the presidency and greased the wheels to make it happen must have been planning for a long, long time indeed.

Before continuing, it would be wise to remember what Obama said about his intent: “My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you’ll join with me as we try to change it.”

He wasn’t kidding or just bandying words about. Neither was he kidding when he stated that the Constitution of the United States of America was “fundamentally flawed.” Words have meaning and Obama’s meaning should by now be crystal clear to all.

Who is this guy?

Obama is the first president whose life history is almost completely unknown to the American people. He is an enigma. As reported in The Obama File, Obama has spent (or had spent for him) between $1.8 million and $3.2 million in legal fees to keep his personal records secret. These include his birth certificate, his college records, much of his social past, and nearly all else that could provide insight into Obama the man.

Why? Why would any honest, honorable person act in such bizarre fashion? And who or what group has such tremendous influence they are able to keep these things hidden from the American people and international journalists?

The Obama File asks, “How does a person like Obama — a nobody from nowhere — come to command such power and money so as to pull off this secrecy?”

It is as though Obama has lived in a vacuum.

Planned decline

Even though Obama and the Democrat Congress have hit a few snags along the way, they have already caused great harm to the nation while neutralizing the constitutional rule of law. The very foundational fabric of the Republic is in peril.

Overly dramatic? An exaggeration? Not when one considers what has transpired thus far, and how it has been accomplished. Not when one considers the fact that state-run media has abandoned its moral and ethical responsibility to serve as the public’s guardian. State-run media — with one or two exceptions in its midst — is now totally partisan and functioning as the DNC’s house propaganda machine.

Without an ethical media as guardian, there is no one to stop the desecration of the Constitution and ruin of America.

Planned mediocrity

You simply don’t do all of the things Obama and the Democrat Congress have already done and are planning to do if you want to create jobs, reduce government dependancies, reduce spending and thus the out-of-control national debt, bolster the economy, and sustain and strengthen free enterprise.

You just don’t and can’t. Period.

Obama has eviscerated our economy, destroyed the dollar, and caused 15.1 million Americans to lose their jobs (according to his own Labor Department). He now presides over an unemployment rate near 10 percent and rising (an actual rate of near 17 percent). Bogus bailouts, a pork- and payola-laden “stimulus” scheme, and a berserker budget have the deficit running amok to the record tune of $1.4 trillion.

Obama has orchestrated massive upswings in government dependence by extending unemployment benefits, expanding the food stamp program, giving away stimulus money earmarked for “shovel-ready jobs” as cash bonuses to urban applicants, and is using the same money to bribe senior citizens to accept his Government-run Health Care Rationing scheme.

According to Ralph R. Reiland of the American Spectator, Obama is enacting the Carbon Cap Tax, higher energy prices for consumers and employers, the cancellation of secret ballots for workers in union organizing drives, mandated hikes in the minimum wage, higher payroll taxes on businesses to fund the administration’s health care scheme, and higher tax rates on the incomes of the nation’s key job creators.

Under tax hikes now being considered, the top federal tax rate on income would climb to 45 percent. In states with top tax rates, the combined federal, state, and local tax on income would exceed 50 percent.

And if that isn’t enough pain for any three global economies to bear, Obama will soon push for a national Value-Added Tax on everything — everything — Americans use or need.

Planned weakness

As aptly stated in The Obama File, Obama deployed himself to Europe to beg for the Olympics but has refused to deploy the needed troops and supplies urgently requested by our commander in Afghanistan. Obama proclaimed the Afghanistan War as necessary and righteous but sits idle as more of our exceptional but understaffed troops are killed doing his bidding. He did, however, have time to accept a prize for peace — not for what he’s done, but for what the Nobel Committee envisions he might someday do, Allah willing. Someday.

Obama stabbed our Eastern European allies in the back while placating Putin — who promptly warned us not to pursue sanctions against Iran. Obama is disavowing the Bush Doctrine while Putin flaunts Russia’s own version, warning us of the Motherland’s right to conduct pre-emptive nuclear strikes.

While smirkingly pushing Mrs. Clinton’s bogus Reset Button, Obama’s new best friend Putin is siding with nations who want to do away with the dollar as global currency, arming the mad despot Chavez to the teeth with sophisticated weaponry, and upgrading Iran’s anti-aircraft defense technology.

Obama is freely giving sensitive, sophisticated missile and space data to Communist China. From Chavez to Castro to Muslim fanatic, Obama has taken the road of unconditional appeasement while attacking close allies such as Honduras — a constitutional Republic. Although Obama seems clueless to the lessons of history, he most certainly is not.

Planned subservience

The list of Obama’s officially-confirmed and unofficial secretaries and czars who comprise his administration is thankfully at least somewhat known to many Americans, so they don’t have to be listed here. But it is no coincidence that most of them are avowed radical environmentalists, committed statists, socialists, and even a few who profess a deep admiration for communism. These are the people who now carry out Obama’s bidding, who now rule rather than serve.

Mrs. Obama is overseeing a program called Public Allies, a group charged with developing community organizing in America’s schools — and teaching our young to become “leaders for change.”

That coupled with Obama’s remarks in July of 2008 are more than a bit troubling. Obama stated, “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

It is also unconstitutional, but that doesn’t mean much anymore.

For nearly half a century, Obama has lived on this planet without leaving any indelible marks anywhere. No clear-cut records, no critical documentation available for public scrutiny — nothing of substance except a few smudged facsimile copies and casual, almost vague familial references. It seems as though he was carefully and delicately shaped — over a very long period of time — to be where he is today.

Hype and Chains.


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