Obamacare Special Needs Patients Face Fewer Choices

Obamacare Special Needs Patients Face Fewer Choices – 07 sep – Since many Americans with special needs, or their caretakers, use Medicare Advantage plans as a way to pay for their higher medical costs, they have every right to be concerned about the reduced funding congressional leadership is proposing to pay for its massive health care legislation. Dennis Smith, who worked tirelessly to improve options for disabled Americans when he was at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, notes that H.R. 3200 would reduce reimbursement for Medicare Advantage plans, resulting in fewer health insurance plans tailored to those with disabilities being available . . .


One thought on “Obamacare Special Needs Patients Face Fewer Choices

  1. This is AWEFUl!

    I am a person with ‘special needs’, and not because I actually qualify for them. The Government decided to qualify me for them because I happened to be an employee of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania when I blew the whistle on my then current supervisor for sexually harassing me.

    Following that situation, I received interim performance reviews all with thte rating of ‘unsatisfactory’. And, my ‘unsatisfactory’ ratings were used as justification to fire me. Before firing me, the Commonwealth tried to convince me to apply for Social Security Disabilty which my doctors all said there was no way I should be qualified to receive.

    Guess what? After I was fired, then I started collecting welfare money. At a six-month review as part of the requirement to continue receiving my welfare money, I was required to apply for Social Security Disability, and guess what? I was found to be eligible to receive it.

    I am supposed to feel oh so lucky that the government wants to take care of me.

    Yeah right, they want to take care of me. This absolutely proves it. I depend on my healthcare coverage which is provided to me now through medicare.

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