Porkulus stealth health socialism

We know that congressional members never read the Porkulus and Redistribution of Wealth Act (the mis-labeled American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) before they approved it. We know the American people were never given a chance to review it prior to its frantic passage, despite The Messiah’s solemn promise to do so.

We also know that hidden within the Act’s porcine bulk is a sinister Democrat Party provision to increase government control over American health care.

Yes, that pesky little provision allots more than $115 billion toward increasing federal control of our health care via government subsidies for the expansion of COBRA, Medicaid, and ancillary programs.

Daschle gone but not his scheme

If you’ve already suffered through Tom Daschle’s scheme for nationalizing health care: “Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis,” then you need not refer to the Act.

There is no need because many of the Act’s health care-related provisions are taken straight from Daschle’s manifesto. Socialist Daschle, you may recall, was Obama’s nominee for secretary of Heath and Human Services prior to the former senator’s tax scandal becoming public.

After reviewing the Act as well as other analyses such as The American Spectator’s The Hidden Healthcare Horror by Lawrence Hunter, it is clear that the Democrat Party used the current government-manufactured crisis to promote their political agenda, and to fundamentally change public policy without public debate.

Dangerous to your health

Buried deep in the Act’s voluminous ooze is an alarming section to expand electronic health records to compare the effectiveness of different health care remediations with their treatment costs. In order to administer this monster, the government will spend $1.1 billion to create a new bureaucracy called the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research.

Sounds innocent, doesn’t it? But such cost-based medical decision-making could just as easily be used for government rationing of health care goods and services. In fact, a congressional committee report on this topic stated that “more expensive (treatments) will no longer be prescribed” as a result of such research. So:

The end result is that the government will determine what care you get or if you even get care. This will be a “point of care” decision — medical decision-making will be taken out of the hands of you and your doctor.

Furthermore, care may be denied you for being too expensive, or when a computer tells your doctor that a procedure is simply not approved for you. You will be particularly vulnerable if you receive government-funded health care such as Medicare.

Want an example?

You have diabetes and develop kidney failure. The government will determine what the most cost-effective treatment is for you. The government will decide if you get a kidney transplant, kidney dialysis, or — depending on your age or condition — nothing because it may not be cost-effective to treat you.

Disingenuous President, nefarious Congress

We, meaning our Representatives and Senators not part and parcel to this sham, were cajoled by premeditated presidential fear-mongering.

We allowed major policy decisions to be slipped into a bill in the dead of night, passed by Congress before any public debate was tolerated, and then quickly signed by Obama before any dissent could be voiced.

Reducing health care costs is a goal on which everyone can agree, but not this way, not with socialist controls and bureaucrats or computers as arbiters. Not at the expense of losing your right to determine the best care available for you, or whether you even get care.

2010 and the elections are not that far off. Acts can be amended or abolished. Impudent congressional representation can be changed. Do America and your fellow citizens a good turn by contacting your Representative and Senators to express your displeasure.

And if they promoted this abomination, vote to ensure this congressional term of office is their last.


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